A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Hi and thank you for participating in our thesis project experiment! 

Now is time for you to play our prototype. As mentioned in the message we send you, playtime should be about 30-40 minutes. We do not expect you to play longer than that but if you're up for it you're welcome to play the game to the end (When you have bought the Golden Chucker).


An alien world where humans have settled. They must rediscover the knowledge of animal breeding that the humans of old had. The player works as a scientist whose job is to breed these animals so the new Earth might prosper. The scientist will not do it for free though. And be aware, the Aliens who live here might attack!


Esc opens menu

How to install and play:

We have two versions of the game: Windows and Mac

Windows: To install the game on Windows, download the Zip file below, extract the files and open the "Breed New World.exe" file. The game will then start. Windows might show a security message as it doesn't know the developers. If so, press "More info" and then press "Run anyway".

Mac: To install the game on Mac, download the Zip file below. The game will be unpacked as the application "Breed New World". Right-click on the file and select the open option. If the computer comes up with the message "developer cannot be verified" or similar and there is the open option choose this. If not, cancel and open the application again, until the open option is available.

Thank you, we hope you have fun!

Best regards,

Tobias, Nikolaj & Niklas Pelle


Credits for sound and music:

Music from https://www.bensound.com/ 

Sound effects and music from https://mixkit.co/

Sounds effects from https://www.fesliyanstudios.com/ 

Sounds By Vilkas Sounds: https://youtu.be/GEauPjfNyKU



Breed_New_World_windows.zip 70 MB
Breed_New_World_macOS.zip 69 MB